Upcoming Releases

#101: Exedo / Koobaatoo Asparagus / Lipcreem / Torturing Nurse 2xC60 4-Way Tape
massive 4-way split stretching over two C60 tapes
Exedo is the harsh noise project of the infamous EMERGE
Koobaatoo Asparagus brings us the absolute best of californian HNW
Lipcreem features intense harsh noise from south africa
Torturing Nurse is finest harsh noise madness from china

#104: Moloch Tape
this amazing one-man project is finally making its debut on FIVR
ukrainian black metal with heavy dark ambient influences

#106: Cocaine Breath C5
philly one man fastcore / mathcore
40 copies on C5 tapes, shortest tape release on FIVR so far

#109: Mutliated Judge / Cx9 Split Tape
Mutilated Judge brings finest DIY Noisegrindcore from the Basque Region
Cx9 follows up with depraved gorenoise from Uruguay
40 copies on red C15

#111: RedSK Live Tape
final live performance by this prolific, genre-bending Michigan project
25 copies on pink C10